Something Old...

Don't panic. Everything that was here is still here. Thanks to my hubby, I'm going to be going through the site from the ground up and changing the look and feel a bit. Trust me..we' re not deleting any content, but we will be touching most everything after we evaluate how it fits in with the overall plan and redesign. If there's something you've always wanted to see here but haven't, or if you want to throw some ideas, criticism or comments our way feel free to use the "Contact Us" link at the top and we'll certainly take it into consideration.

Enjoy Life:

Winter is here for most of us, which means it's time to get creative and start stitching. Have fun bringing beauty to life.

Just thought I'd change things up a bit..

Yes I know, I should be stitching and getting some new projects up rather than doing a bunch of artsy fantasy stuff on the website. Reality is that this was a bit of a surprise. Hubby has been sequestered in his office since we're all about cabin-bound with a couple of feet of snow on the ground. He uploaded this to the site as an unlinked page then told me to go to the link he sent. Of course I couldn't accept it as-is, have to keep him on his toes and all, but I liked it and when the kids saw it they all couldn't believe it was my site. So I guess I'll go with it. That of course sparked a larger conversation, seems he's been chafing at the bit to see me get dragged into the new decade without the site looking like circa 1999. Hence a site re-design. We'll be updating most of the pages, and may clean up or change the way some things are organized and delivered, but for all intents and purposes it's just the look and feel that will be different.


What's not going to change?

Well, things will still be free if that matters. I have banner ads up on some of the pages as I have for a while, they just basically pay for the hosting costs. I'm not about to buy a pink Cadillac with the income from them. Heck, I'd be lucky to pay for a rusty used tricycle with what I make there. So basically this is a "labor of love" so to speak. That said; forgive me when it may take a few months to get new projects up.. a little thing called "life" sometimes rears it's ugly head and gets in the way.

And Something New...


Lots of functionality we were looking to implement is other places, so we thought we'd leverage as much as we could without having to re-invent the wheel. So along with redesigning the website here, we'll be implementing a place at Facebook to add to the site. Right now it's all a work in progress but feel free to visit us while the dust is around and the paint is still drying!