Karate Zipper Pull

Karate Zipper Pull Pattern

Materials Used:
7 count Plastic Canvas Mesh
Needloft Yarn:
#37 Silver - 7 1/2 yds.
#41 White - 1/2 yd.
#57 Yellow - 1 yd.
#27 Holly - 1/2 yd.
#48 Dark Royal - 1/2 yd.
#46 Purple - 1 yd.
#01 Red - 1 yd.
#15 Brown - 1 yd.
#00 Black - 5 yds.
To Finish Project:
#310 DMC Thread - 5 yds.
Keychain Hook & Ring

Stitches Used:
Continental Stitch
Reverse Continental Stitch
Straight Stitch
Embroidery Backstitch

Cut 2 pieces of 17X48 threads (16X47 holes) according to the pattern. Using the
pattern only stitch one of the pieces you cut. Uncoded sections are done in Silver
Continental Stitch. First belt rank is done in White (we used pink on the pattern
so you could see it better). Using black DMC thread stitch the word Karate as
shown on the pattern. Using black DMC thread stitch a line onto the center of the
second yellow, purple, red and brown belts as seen in the finished project. Using
black DMC thread backstitch each belt rank and completely around the black belt as
seen in the finished project. Stitch the second piece you cut out entirely in
black. You can stitch someone's name on it afterwards with any color DMC thread to
give it a personal touch. Whipstitch both front and back pieces together. Fish
the Keychain hook through the top about center and then add the ring if you wish.

This project is definitely versatile......as you can change the belt rank depending
on the Karate discipline you take. We used the belt ranking that my son went
through to get his Black Belt in Muay Thai (white, yellow, gold, green, blue,
purple, purple one, red, red one, brown, brown one, black belt recommended and
black belt). If your discipline calls for fewer belt ranks, just shorten your
project (but it would be best to do this at the top) by a few rows. Also if you
want to, you do not have to stitch a second piece and use this as a bookmark (just
add a piece of black ribbon or tassel at the top).

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