Yin Yang
Mr. Smiley

Supplies Needed:

3" Round Plastic Canvas
 Worsted Weight Yarn
 "Peepers" Eyes
 Hot Glue
 Pin Bracket
 Magnetic Strip

Stitches Used:

Tent Stitch, Cross Stitch, Backstitch, Overcast

Yin-Yang Pin/Magnet Instructions:

Draw A large "S" from one side of the round to the other, using a marking pen. Using Tent Stitch and Backstitch, work one side white and the other side black. Place eyes as shown in picture. Fasten pin Bracket or magnetic strip to the back.

"Mr. Smiley" Pin/Magnet instructions:

Use Yellow yarn to cover entire round with Tent Stitch and when done overcast any uncovered areas. Place eyes on face as shown in picture. Backstitch a mouth using Black Yarn. Fasten pin back or magnetic strip to the back of Mr Smiley. Then watch the smiles begin

Peace Pin/Magnet Instructions:

Using Black Yarn, stitch a peace sign in the middle of the round as shown in the picture. Overcast the entire round using Black Yarn. Tent Stitch in Off-White yarn the rest of the unstitched areas. Fasten pin bracket or magnetic strip to the back.

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