Smokey the Witch

Smokey the Witch

Materials Used:

2 sheets of 7 count Plastic Canvas Mesh

Needloft Yarn:
#00 Black - 21 yds.
#57 Yellow - 2 yds.
#38 Gray - 40 yds.
#54 Turquoise - 6 yds.
#58 Bright Orange - 38 yds.
#52 Bittersweet - 2 yds.
#56 Fleshtone - 1 yd.

DMC Black #5 Thread - for whiskers
Crafters Black Wire - 10 inches

Stitches Used:

Continental Stitch
French Knots
Long Stitch
Overcast Stitch


Cut 1 piece of 71X83 threads (70X82 holes) according to the Smokey pattern, plus cut 1 piece of 83X41 threads (82X40 holes) according to the Sign pattern. Follow the patterns to stitch both pieces. Use the black DMC thread (doubling it to make it thicker) to do the Long Stitch for Smokey's whiskers as shown in the pattern. French Knot yellow onto the hat and the scarf where indicated by the black dots on the Smokey pattern.

When completed Overcast both pieces in black. (Option - you can cut out an extra piece of each pattern, leave unstitched and whipstitch them to the front pieces to make it sturdier) Cut the Crafters Wire into 2 pieces (5 inches each), align Smokey and the Sign with the black circles on the pattern as indicated. Thread 1 piece of wire to the Smokey and then into the Sign, then thread the other piece. Then curl both ends (around a pencil turns out to be a good size) of the wires so they stay on.

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