"Santa Roll"



Santa Roll


Materials Used:

(1) 7 count White Plastic Canvas Mesh

Needloft Yarn:

#01 Red - 44 yds.


To Finish Project:

(2) Black Buttons (size 28mm)
Boa w/heavy Marabou Trim

Stitches Used:

Slanting Gobelin


**I used a "giant roll of Charmin Ultra" toilet paper...you might need to cut the canvas smaller in width if you are going to use a smaller or regular roll of toilet paper.**

Cut 1 piece of 111X32 threads (110X31 holes). Following the picture of the finished project above, stitch the project in the slanting gobelin stitch using Red Needloft yarn. Overcast the top and bottom also with the Red Needloft yarn and also whip stitch the ends together making a cylinder. Using black DMC thread, place 1 black button 3 gobelin stitches from the bottom and the other button 7 gobelin stitches from the top (which should about 3 stitches inbetween the buttons)...you'll place these buttons in the middle of the cylinder (seam in the back). To attach the boa at the top of the cylinder, I used white DMC thread, starting at the seam I went through the top hole wrapped around the boa. Then I ran the thread under the back stitches of the red, after about 15 holes, I repeated the wrapping, so I had about 6 wraps and started & ended at the seam. Fluffed up the boa and you can't even see the white thread.


Let's wrap up the bathroom!

Santa Roll


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