“Feel Beary Good” Tissue Cover

Feel Beary Good Nurse Tissue Cover
Feel Beary Good Doctor Tissue Cover


7 count Plastic Canvas Mesh
Needloft Yarn:
     #00 Black
     #41 White
     #16 Sandstone
     #39 Eggshell
     #36 Baby Blue
     #28 Xmas Green
     #19 Straw
     #07 Rose
     #38 Gray
     #57 Yellow
     #58 Bright Orange
     #01 Rouge
     #40 Beige
DMC Pearl Cotton:
     #310 Black

PictureStitches Used:

Continental Stitch
Slanted Gobelin Stitch
Cross Stitch
Back Stitch
French Knot
Whip Stitch


I would like to dedicate this project to my Nightly Charge Nurse,
Barb Chumley, who also is a great friend!

Cut 4 pieces of PC 33X38 thread.  Stitch the Nurse & the Surgeon
as directed on the patterns.  Stitch the other 2 pieces in black
background only....using the same design as the background
on the nurse & surgeon patterns.  Using the finished product
pictures, do all the detail work by Back Stitching. Cut a
piece of PC 33X33 thread and cut a 10X10 hole out of the center.
Stitch the top piece all in black Continental Stitches. When all
pieces are complete, Whip Stitch together, putting a background
only piece  between the nurse and the surgeon.  Insert an upright
box of tissues. 


For the Patterns, click on the finished product pictures above.



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