Little Dress Up Doll....
Little Dress Up Doll Pattern

Materials Used:
7 count Plastic Canvas Mesh

Needloft Yarn:
#56 Fleshtone (Doll)- 3 yds
#07 Pink (Dress) - 2 yds.
#03 Red (Short Shirt)- 1 yd.
#00 Black (Shorts) - 1 yd.
#61 Bright Green (Long Shirt)- 1 yd.
#32 Royal (Long Pants) - 1 yd.

To Finish Project:
#310 Black DMC Thread

Stitches Used:
Continental Stitch
French Knots
Straight Stitch

Cut 1 piece each of Doll: 13X28 threads (12X27 holes), Dress: 13X16 threads (12X15 holes), Red Short Shirt: 10X10 threads (9X9 holes), Green Long Shirt: 11X8 threads (10X7 holes), Long Pants: 13X9 threads (12X8 holes), and Shorts: 9X6 threads (8X5 holes). Stitch all pieces in a continental stitch and then overcast all pieces in the same color. French Knot the eyes and straight stitch the mouth in #310 black DMC thread on the doll. Add velcro to the backs of all the clothing and a long piece to the front of the doll, this way you can interchange the clothes as you want. Have fun!

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