Let's Start Writing Doorhang
Let's Start Writing Doorhang Pattern
Materials Used:
7 count Plastic Canvas Mesh

Needloft Yarn:
#00 Black - 1 yd.
#43 Camel - 2 yds.
#12 Pumpkin - 4 yds.
#37 Silver - 1 yd.
#56 Fleshtone - 2 yds.

To Finish Project:
#310 DMC Black Thread - 1 yd.
Crafting rope for hanger
Option: small apple applicator

Stitches Used:
Continental Stitch
Embroidery Backstitch

Cut 2 pieces of 17X38 threads (16X37 holes) according to the pattern. Using the pattern stitch both of the pieces, stitching the letters last. Use #310 DMC Black thread to stitch the letters. Using the color in adjoining areas, whipstitch the pieces together. Thread the Craftering rope through the sides at the top, to the desire you want, and tie off. **If you choose, you can glue a small apple applicator to the bottom right side of the project and then hang on your favorite teacher's door**

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