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Materials Used:

3" Heart Shaped Plastic Canvas Mesh
Needloft Yarn:
#01 Red - 3 yds.
#00 Black - 1 yd.
#50 Iridescent Pink Cord - 1 yd.
To Finish Project:
#310 Pearl Cotton Black - 1/2 yd.
#914 Country Red Red Heart Yarn - 14 feet (estimated)

Stitches Used:

Continental Stitch
Embroidery Backstitch
Embroidery Straight Stitch
Overcast Stitch


Using one 3" Heart Shaped Plastic Canvas piece, stitch the inside of the heart with
Red Needloft yarn. Using the project picture as a guide, backstitch around the
heart in Iridescent Pink cord. Then overcast the heart in Black, all the way
around. Using Black Pearl Cotton you can straight stitch "Hugs" in the middle of
the heart, starting 5 holes down, 3 holes across - see the project picture as a
guide. To make a home-made pom-pom, cut 12 feet of Country Red Redheart yarn and
wrap it about 20 times around your hand. Gently take the yarn off your hand and
using the left over 2 feet of Country Red Redheart yarn wrap it around in the
middle of the "wrap yarn" and tie about 3 times, turn over and tie again tightly.
Cut the loops and fluff for a pom-pom. Thread the end of the yarn into the
little hole at the top of the heart, about the length you want (we left about 5
inches), tieing about 2 times in the back, cut off extra. You could dab a little
glue onto the knot to help keep it secure.

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