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Halloween Holiday BowHalloween Pumpkin Pin



#7 Plastic Canvas Mesh

Orange Worsted Yarn

Black Worsted Yarn

Green Worsted Yarn

White DMC Thread

Pin or French Barrette Clip

Hot Glue/Glue Gun

PictureStitches Used

Tent Stitch

French Knot


Slanted Gobelin

Straight Stitch

Overcast Stitch


Holiday Bow Barrette:

Cut 7X54 threads piece of canvas for the Bow and 3X18 threads of canvas for the Center. Following pattern, Slanted Gobelin stitch the whole Bow piece, alternating black and orange yarn.  When done overcast in black.  Turn project upside down and bring both ends to the center and using glue or black yarn tack ends to the wrong side of bow.  Overcast stitch the center piece in orange.  Warp the center piece around the bow and Straight stitch the center, going through all pieces of the project, this way you don’t have to glue the center in place and it holds better.  When done, using glue attach a French Barrette Clip to the bottom side of the bow.  **This project can be done in other colors depending on the holiday.

Pumpkin Pin/Barrette:

Cut 16X17 threads of canvas for the Pumpkin.  Using Tent Stitches throughout do pumpkin as indicated on the pattern.  Backstitch the mouth in 2 strands of black yarn, using finished photo as a guide.  French Knot the whites of the eyes in white DMC thread.  Overcast the stem in green and the Pumpkin in orange.  Using hot glue attach a French Barrette Clip or a Pin to the wrong side of the project.

PictureThe Patterns

Holiday Bow

Pumpkin Pin/Barrette

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