Country Bumpkin Bunnies....
Country Bumpkins Bunnies Pattern

Materials Used:
7 count Plastic Canvas Mesh

Needloft Yarn:
#54 Turquoise - 1/2 yd.
#55 Watermelon - 8 yds.
#45 Lilac - 8 yds.

To Finish Project:
1" pom pom - 1
buttons - 2 of any colors (mixed matched is good)
4 inches of black ribbon
6 inches of magnetic strip - cut in half


Stitches Used:
Continental Stitch

Cut 2 pieces of 14X37 threads (13X36 holes). Stitch both pieces per each pattern. Overcast each bunny in adjoining colors. Glue 1 pom pom onto the lilac bunny as indicated on the pattern by a black dot. Stitch 2 buttons onto the watermelon bunny where indicated on the pattern by black dots. Tie ribbon onto the watermlon bunny, either ear, into a bow. Attach magnet strip onto the back of each bunny.

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