The Witch Is In


The Witch Is In



7 count Plastic Canvas Mesh (1 piece)

Needloft Yarn:
#00 Black - 33 yds.
#38 Gray - 4 yds.
#12 Pumpkin - 8 yds.
#63 Bright Yellow - 1/2 yd.

To Finish Project:
Halloween Buttons or Beads
19 Gauge Craft Wire

PictureStitches Used:

Continental Stitch
Cross Stitch


Cut 2 pieces of mesh 70X45 threads (69X44 holes) for the sign. Follow the pattern to stitch the project. Dotting the I's with #63 Bright Yellow in cross stitch.

Attach any Halloween buttons or beads that you want onto your project (as you can see I've done in the picture of the finished project). Whipstitch your back (unstitched piece) to your front finished stitched piece with #12 Pumpkin yarn.

Thread 1 end of craft wire from the back to the front on one side of the sign. Twist and secure in the front. Twist the wire (you can twist it around a magic marker or a pencil if you want smaller loops) (you can also add Halloween buttons or beads to your wire as shown in the finished project pictures), then feed the end through the back to the front on the other side of the sign. Twist and secure in front, cutting off any excess wire.

PictureThe Pattern: 


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