Holiday Package Tissue Cover


Holiday Package Tissue Cover



7 count Plastic Canvas Mesh (2 pieces)

Needloft Yarn:
#00 Black - 5 yds.
#27 Green - 73 yds.
#01 Red - 3 1/2 yds.

Needloft Cord:
#33 Iridescent White - 2 yds.
#45 Red/Black - 8 1/2 yds.

DMC #3 Pearl Cotton:
#310 Black - 1 yd.

Stitches Used:

Continental Stitch
Reverse Continental Stitch
Slanted Gobelin (vertical)


Tissue Box Front: Cut 1 piece of canvas 32X37 threads (31X36 holes). Stitch as indicated per the pattern. Leave the message on the tag and the eyebrows for last and stitch in #5 DMC black. You don't have to put "Santa" on the tag, you can add another name or leave that section blank.

Tissue Box Sides: Cut 3 pieces of canvas 32X37 threads (31X36 holes). Stitch the right and left sides as indicated in each of the patterns; remembering that the cream color section is actually the red/black Needloft Cord. The back side (there is not a pattern for this side) is stitched just like the top in all green with the same type of stitching, slanted gobelin.

Tissue Box Top: Cut 1 piece of canvas 32X32 threads (31X31 holes), don't forget to cut out the center. Following the patter, stitch as indicated in slanted gobelin. Overcast the center in green.

When all stitching is done, it's time to assemble the box. I would suggest attaching the top to the right, left and back sides first; then whipstitch in green. Whipstitch the sides together in green and overcast the bottom in adjoining colors. Set this aside. Overcast the top part of the front piece with black and tag with iridescent white (take a look at the finished project picture to help guide you along). Overcast the bottom in adjoining colors. Whipstitch the front of the box to the left and right sides in adjoining colors. You will notice that the top, bow and tag are not attached to the box.

The Pattern: 


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