Hearts and Romance Bookmark

Hearts and Romance Bookmark



Materials Used:

14 count Aida (stitched count: 126H X 27W; approx. 10"x 1 7/8" finished)

DMC Thread (Anchor Floss):

#814 Dark Garnet (#45) - 2 strands
#957 Pale Geranium (#50) - 2 strands

To Finish:

White Felt (9"x1") for the back
Aleene's Permanent Fabric Glue

Stitches Used:

Cross Stitch
French Knots


I used a pre-made bookmark by Bucilla with the "fancy edging down the sides" but you can use whatever you wish, including just a plain piece of Aida cloth. Follow the pattern to work the project, stitching over 1 thread. You can switch the colors around and have the hearts done in the dark color and the letters in the lighter color - which does look really well also.

Once completed, wash the project and pat dry. Iron the rest of the way dry with a cloth over it. Cut a piece of white felt to the size of your finished bookmark, also iron this so it's nice and flat. Once cooled, apply some glue to the felt (I used fabric glue that dries clear) and press to the back of your project, which will hide the back stitches and keep the back neat.

“When you fish for love, bait with your heart, not your brain”....Mark Twain


The Pattern:

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