"Hanging Around" Lightswitch Cover


Hanging Around Lightswitch Cover



#14 Plastic Canvas Mesh

DMC Embroidery Floss:
  #310 Black - 8 yds.
  #801 Coffee Brown DK - 1 yd.
  #794 Cornflower Blue LT - 17 yds.
  #3680 Mauve LT - 8 yds.

Clear Light Switch wallplate cover (used: Brainerd)

PictureStitches Used:

Tent Stitch


Cut 1 piece of mesh 34X58 threads (33X57 holes). Following the pattern, cut out the center for the light switch, 8X15 threads (7X14 holes) and 2 places where the screws will be, 4X4 threads (3X3 holes) each. All stitching is done with 6 strands of DMC embroidery floss. You can do the background (shaled green sections) in any color you want, photo is done with 4 strands of #794 & 2 strands of #3689 (mixed together to give that varigated look). Finish up by overcasting, using the colors that are in that area. Place the finished product in the clear light switch cover. Paint one of the screws black and the other screw close to your background color (you can use a permanent magic marker if you prefer).

PictureThe Pattern: 


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