Country Sam

Country Sam

Materials Used:

7 Count PC Mesh - 2 pieces
Needloft Yarn:
  • #41 White- 7 yds
  • #56 Fleshtone- 8 yds
  • #48 Royal Dark - 4 yds
  • #35 Sail Blue -16 yds
  • #00 Black- 1 yd
  • #03 Burgundy- 15 yds

    Stitches Used:

    Continental Stitch
    Cross Stitch


    Cut 2 pieces of 84X54 threads (83X53 holes) according to the pattern for Country Sam pattern and cut 3 pieces of 24X23 threads (23X22 holes) according to the Star pattern. Stitch the project according to the patterns, leaving the second piece for the Country Sam unstitched.

    Whipstitch the front stitched piece to the back unstitched piece of Country Sam, using the finished picture as a guide. The hat and sleeves are whipstitched in Dark Royal, except the brim of the hat (stitch in adjoining colors). Overcast the each of the stars in burgandy.

    As indicated by the black dot on the pattern, thread 1 end of the crafters wire from the front to the back of Country Sam's right hand (which when you are facing the finished project is on the left side) and up from back to front on the same hand, leaving about 2 inches at the top of the hand to curl if you wish. Leaving 2 to 3 inches between hand and star, start threading the crafters wire through the first star, using the finished project as a guide.

    The Pattern:

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